The Swedish Research Council deals with all invoices on SUNET´s behalf. It is therefore important that their invoicing rules are followed.

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SUNET deals with invoices in different ways depending on the type of organisation.

Government agencies in Sweden

As the Swedish Research Council is a government agency, invoices from other government agencies in Sweden should be sent in the "Svefaktura" format.

Please use reference code 0117.

Other organisations in Sweden

Other organisations in Sweden that can use the "Svefaktura" format can also send invoices electronically.

Invoices from non-government agencies in Sweden that cannot use the "Svefaktura" format should be sent in paper format to:

FE 57
838 73 Frösön
(Please use reference code 0117)

Organisations abroad

Invoices from organisations abroad should be sent in paper format to:
Vetenskapsrådet, Box 1035, SE-101 38 Stockholm, Sweden.

Please use reference code 0117.

Read more about what kind of information we need from you in order to process your invoice.PDF

NOTE WELL - This is a historical archive. Contents is no longer being maintained.