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About the web site

SUNET stands behind the information presented on our web site. We are not responsible for the content of material on other web sites that can be accessed via the links presented on our web site.

Responsible editor of the web site is Maria Häll.

Use of material (text)
You are welcome to use text material from the SUNET web site. If you do so, please inform where the material comes from/link to SUNET.

Use of material (images)
You may not use the images on the SUNET web site without the permission of SUNET, except for press images from the press room.

SUNET:s logo
Our logo is available in three different colour shades. You may download it through our press room.

Links policy

  • You may show a link to SUNET:s web site.
  • Avoid using the logo of SUNET to indicate a link to our web site. This practice avoids uncertainty about who is responsible for information on the web site where the link is placed.
  • Avoid linking to individual documents – addresses can change. instead link to a web site.

On the SUNET web site, we use temporary cookies – also known as “session cookies". These are used during accessing of our electronic services/databases. The cookies are stored temporarily on your computer and are deleted when you close your web browser, meaning that no information on your visit is saved.

On our web site session cockies are used for the function "Adjust web site". More functions may be added in the future that use session cockies.

NOTE WELL - This is a historical archive. Contents is no longer being maintained.