Datakommunikation & infrastruktur för forskning och utbildning


SUNET is the organization for the national higher education and research network (NRN) of Sweden. It is used by researchers, teachers, students, and administrative personnel on 32 universities and colleges nationwide. Apart from that, some central government museums and external organizations are connected to the network.

The network is built with 10 Gbit/sec DWDM connections in a redundant infrastructure, connecting POPs (Point-of-presence) in 22 cities, nationwide, using redundant 2,5 Gbit/sec connections as access towards the universities.

All POPs in the core network are built in a very similar manner. They consist of two Cisco GSR 12410 routers, connected to the 10 Gbit/sec lambdas, which connect that POP with the ones in the neighboring cities. They also connect to a dark fiber-ring within the city, that connect the core POP with the Cisco 10720 access routers at the University, using 2,5 Gbit/sec DPT/SRP protocol.

Nationwide 10Gbps network
Typical PoP layout
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