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Internet Land Speed Records with GigaSunet


SUNET is the organization for the national higher research and education network (NREN) of Sweden. SUNET operates the GigaSunet network, which is built with 10 Gbit/sec DWDM connections in a redundant infrastructure, connecting PoPs in 22 cities, nationwide, and using redundant 2,5 Gbit/sec connections as access towards the universities. It is used by researchers, teachers, students, and administrative personnel on 32 universities and colleges nationwide. In addition to this, some central government museums and external organizations are also connected to the network.

Internet Land Speed Record

There are major challenges in doing high-speed transmissions over long distance networks and the problems become more complicated with increasing distance. The Internet2 organization of Indianapolis, IN, has defined a set of rules for the "Internet Land Speed Record". The unit for the record, petabit-meters per second (Pbmps), can seem to be a bit confusing. The reason for using this unit of measurement is that both the transmission speed (gigabits per second) and the distance covered (meters) is taken into account, since it gets harder and harder as the distance increases!

LSR Records using GigaSunet

LSR stream record of apr 14, 2004 ==> 69.073 Pbmps

LSR stream record of sept 12, 2004 ==> 124.935 Pbmps

LSR stream record of sept 12, 2004 ==> 122.367 Pbmps

Note! As the Internet2 rules state that a single stream record is also considered för the multiple stream class, and our single stream figures are higher than the multiple one, our single stream record actually counts as the official multiple stream record too.

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