Datakommunikation & infrastruktur för forskning och utbildning


GigaSunet, the network of 2001 and beyond
GigaSunet consists of redundant STM-64 (10 Gbit/sec) POS backbone connections [red] in several rings all over the country, connecting the universities etc. with local loops of 2x2,5 Gbit/sec [green] in each city. This gives 32 universities in 25 cities nationwide, access to state-of-the-art technology as well as bandwith to well support the needs for several years ahead.

The network uses Cisco 12410 and 12416 routers as core routers. We, naturally, have doubled equipment at all sites in GigaSunet, to be able to deliver close to 100% availability for our customers.

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NOTE WELL - This is a historical archive. Contents is no longer being maintained.